Just in time to get your weekend started, we've got a new edition of RCRD LBL Essentials. Bringing you the best new music from this week, we've got track from Ramona Falls, Bear In Heaven, YACHT, Emily Wells, and more! [rcrd-lbl]http://rcrdlbl.com/widgets2.0/core/?m=show_widget&w=essentials050312[/rcrd-lbl] [mp3com-artist]Ramona Falls[/mp3com-artist] kicks things off with the dar, moody "Brevony." An ominous piano line and skittering drums compliment the quietly menacing vocals. The track steadily builds to an all out rocker of a chorus with an all out assault of distorted guitar on the chorus. Somewhat reminiscent of tracks off of [mp3com-artist]Radiohead[/mp3com-artist]'s OK Computer ("Climbing Up the Walls," perhaps). Up next is [mp3com-artist]Baths[/mp3com-artist]' beautiful remix of [mp3com-artist]Emily Well[/mp3com-artist]'s song "Piece of It." A quiet, atmospheric track, it features Well's chopped vocals and pillow-soft synths that give it a dream-like quality. Listening to it is an experience akin (as the album art suggests) to remembering some far off childhood memory. You can't remember exactly what happened but small details are distinct details and there is a strong sensation of the overall emotion you were feeling. [mp3com-artist]Mohn[/mp3com-artist]'s "Saturn" is like a modern day Krafterwek track - propulsive synth lines and a steady beat, perfect for speeding down the Autobahn. [mp3com-artist]Anika[/mp3com-artist] and [mp3com-artist]BestMate[/mp3com-artist] team up to remix [mp3com-artist]Bear In Heaven[/mp3com-artist]'s "Sinful Nature." Post rock guitar riffs weave in and out of a thumping electronic beat as distorted vocals float in and out of the mix. Taken separately the pieces are discordant, but Anika and BestMate weave them together expertly to make an intriguing, original sound. [mp3com-artist]SL Jones[/mp3com-artist] spits bars over a hot beat provided by [mp3com-artist]DJ Burn One[/mp3com-artist] on "Dare". Chronicling his daily struggles, SL Jones tells it like it is. "I do anything risk everything, it still ain't enough," he laments. Noise punks [mp3com-artist]Dope Body[/mp3com-artist] are pure energy on "Weird Mirror." An awesomely catchy track, it's like a musical 5 Hour Energy. [mp3com-artist]YACHT[/mp3com-artist] wrap things up with their funky, futuristic dance track "Le Goudron." Le goudron translates to "the tar" in English, which is appropriate because this song makes me think about long nights out at the discoteque with lots of cigarette breaks. That'll do it for this week's playlist! If you're looking for more free music be sure to check out past RCRD LBL Essentials Playlists or grab some Free MP3's of the Day!

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