Need some hip-hop in your life? RCRD LBL Essentials Volume 6 has got you covered with brand new tracks from Mobb Deep, BBU and Danny Brown. Plus we've also got some hard hitting electro from heavyweights like Digitalism and Fatboy Slim. Click through to check it out! Up first is a remix of German producers [mp3com-artist]Digitalism[/mp3com-artist]'s new single "Circles" remixed by rising LA producer [mp3com-artist]Dillon Francis[/mp3com-artist]. Newly signed to [mp3com-artist]Diplo[/mp3com-artist]'s label Mad Decent, Francis has exploded onto the scene this year with massive tracks like "Westside!" and "Take Me High" along with a slew of remixes. A versatile artist, Dillon is equally comfortable making dubstep bangers and smooth electro tracks. Following that we're got some good old fashioned punk courtesy of classic Boston hardcore group [mp3com-artist]Give Up the Ghost[/mp3com-artist]. "Love American" is a track off of their 2003 release We're Down Til We're Underground. [mp3com-artist]Give Up the Ghost[/mp3com-artist] broke up the following year but have recently reunited to play some shows. Veteran NYC hip-hop duo [mp3com-artist]Mobb Deep[/mp3com-artist] are as dark as ever on their new track "Conquer," one of the lead singles for their upcoming Black Cocaine album.  The track is straight up epic, with a deep, heavy bassline, blasting horns and soaring woodwinds. Sounding like kings arriving at their own coronation,  Havoc and Prodigy wax poetic as they reminisce on their old life in the streets and their uncompromising rise to success. Chicago crew[mp3com-artist]BBU[/mp3com-artist] blew up last year with their party starting juke anthem "Chi Don't Dance." Now that they've got everyone's attention they're trying to take things to the next level with their next project. The upcoming album features high profile collaborations with the likes of [mp3com-artist]Das Racist[/mp3com-artist] and [mp3com-artist]The Hood Internet[/mp3com-artist]. It sounds very promising. Check out "Outlaw Culture" for a sneak preview of what they have coming up. On the back half of this week's Essentials mix is alt/ indie rock elder statesman [mp3com-artist]J Mascis[/mp3com-artist], whose past work with [mp3com-artist]Dinosaur Jr[/mp3com-artist] has forever earned him a place in the lexicon of rock. A virtuoso on the electric guitar, Mascis has been toning things down a bit for his solo career, preferring softer acoustic melodies to the bone jarring thrash of his Dinosaur Jr days. The results are impressive though, showing Mascis to be just able as a folk artist as he was a shredding guitar hero. [mp3com-artist]Fatboy Slim[/mp3com-artist] and [mp3com-artist]Danny Brown[/mp3com-artist] wrap things up with a couple solid party tracks.  [mp3com-artist]Fatboy Slim[/mp3com-artist] delivers the sort of effortless sounding dancefloor burner that we've come to expect from him, while Danny Brown continues to turn heads with his off-kilter (and sometimes off-color) rhymes. [rcrd-lbl][/rcrd-lbl] Click HERE to see past editions of our RCRD LBL Essentials Mixes!