For our third installment of RCRD LBL Essentials, would like to present you with some music from white hot artists like [mp3com-artist]The Drums[/mp3com-artist], [mp3com-artist]Rewards[/mp3com-artist],[mp3com-artist] Lianne la Havas[/mp3com-artist], [mp3com-artist]Owen[/mp3com-artist] and more! Click through to check out the playlist. [mp3com-artist]Rewards[/mp3com-artist] is one man band Aaron Pfenning, who made a name for himself with the Brooklyn-via-Colorado electronic group [mp3com-artist]Chairlift[/mp3com-artist]. Now working on his own, Pfenning was recently signed New York's own DFA label.  On his first single for them, "Equal Dreams (feat. [mp3com-artist]Solange Knowles[/mp3com-artist])" he does his label proud a textbook example of the tight, downtown-disco strut that DFA does so well. Teaming up with the versatile [mp3com-artist]Solange Knowles[/mp3com-artist], who has also worked with acts like [mp3com-artist]Of Montreal[/mp3com-artist], [mp3com-artist]Dirty Projectors[/mp3com-artist] and [mp3com-artist]Twin Shadow[/mp3com-artist], is a great move, her airy vocals meshing well with his instrumentals. Another one of the real standouts from the recent deluge of Brooklyn based bands, [mp3com-artist]The Drums[/mp3com-artist] are irresitably catchy. Melding post-punk and 50's style pop, they make smart, fun pop songs.  Their new album, Portamento is a bit darker than their first album or the EP that started it all Summertime! Fortunately, however, their glum lyrics don't feel too weighty as they move along at a brisk pace over the bouncey tempo of their tracks. The rest of RCRD LBL Essentials Vol. III gives you a variety of other genres, with some singer-songwriter action from [mp3com-artist]Owen[/mp3com-artist] and the quickly-rising [mp3com-artist]Lianne La Havas[/mp3com-artist], an ambient instrumental track from [mp3com-artist]Apparat[/mp3com-artist], some good ol' garage rock from [mp3com-artist]Bleached[/mp3com-artist] and many others! Check it out and let us know which songs are your favorites  in the comments. For more free music be sure to check out our other RCRD LBL Essentials  and our Free MP3 of the Day Series. [rcrd-lbl][/rcrd-lbl] More on The Drums: The Drums live on Discover

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