Say what you want about viral sensation Rebecca Black: the "Friday" hit maker is doing something well for herself. Following up "Friday" with — what else — "Saturday," a song entirely about that day of the week. the young star has entered the Billboard Hot 100 chart at spot no.55. Not bad for a teen singer who was once the subject of internet-wide ridicule! Sitting at over 16 million hits on YouTube, Black's song is about, of course, the day after Friday. This time around the video was not made by Ark Music Factory, the company famous for producing the now infamous Friday video. Collaborating with fellow YouTube star Dave Days, "Saturday"'s video depicts the pair seemingly waking up from a wild Friday night and then ready to do it all again on Saturday. It's great to see that Ms. Black has a sense of humor, evidenced by her poking fun at herself in the lyrics. Perhaps her 15 minutes will last a bit longer than initially expected?

Artists: Rebecca Black

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