In the sea of low quality earbud headphones currently on the market, the Bower & Wilkins C5 is a definite standout. The earbud has a cool looking industrial-style tungsten and aluminum colorway.  It's major innovation from a design perspective is the "Secure Loop," which is used to keep the earbud in place.  Since everyone's ear canals are shaped differently, getting the right fit can be tricky. The Secure Loops, however, fits under the inner ridge of your ear to lock the headphone in place. Sonically, the Bower & Wilkins C5 is a major winner as well, produing a far more open sound that most other earbuds.  Instead of making it seem like the music is playing inside your head, the C5 creates a a "spatial ambiance" like a high quality over-ear headphone would do.  The mesh on the back of the headphone creates an open soundstage that makes the music you're listening to sound more realistic. At$179.95 the Bowers & Wilkins C5 is a bit more pricey than your average, run of the mill earbuds, but for the money they deliver some of the best sound out there. If you are considering upgrading from the stock headphones your mp3 player came with and like the in ear design, this would be a great option. For the full review on the Bowers & Wilkins C5, head over to CNET.

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