At first glance the iHome iA63 may seem like a standard iPhone dock and clock-radio, but itcomes with an interesting feature: the ability to rotate the iPhone from portrait to landscape view in order to watch videos. Measuring 8 inches high, 6.7 inches wide and 4 inches deep, the iHome is relatively compact.  The iHome iA63 has six FM radio presets and it can sync up with the iHome+Sleep app, which gives it lots of alarm functionality. There's also a nice big snooze button on the top of the unit, and snooze time is programmable between 1 and 29 minutes. All these features are nice, but the main draw for the iHome iA63 is the rotating dock.  It's a super cool feature that is perfect for late night movie viewing. For a full review of the iHome iA63, head over to CNET.