LA-based producer Flying Lotus has remained relatively under-the-radar with his blend of hip-hop, electronic, and jazz music. However, with his new album You're Dead! due out October 7th, he's gaining more and more popularity. Oh yeah, and it might have to do with the fact that Kendrick Lamar is featured on his first single from the record, "Never Catch Me." The song's music video just dropped, and it's getting even more viral by the second. In the video, we see a young boy and girl literally rise from the dead at their funerals and dance away from everybody. Nobody will ever catch them! It's a surprisingly touching, if not morbid, accompanying video to the hard-hitting, unclassifiable single. It's exciting that Flying Lotus is getting attention for his tunes on a mainstream level with the help from Kendrick's rhymes. Stay tuned for the new record from FlyLo next week.

Artists: flying lotus, Kendrick Lamar

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