Sony is updating its legendary Walkman music player line for the digital age with a new set of Android based players. The prototype, referred to currently as the Walkman Mobile Entertainment Player, has a design similar to the iPod touch.  However, it will be aimed at the higher end of the mp3 player market. "This is our first try to make convergence between Android products and our own technology," said Toshimichi Nagashima, general manager of digital music player product planning, but more appear likely in the future. "After reviewing the customers' acceptance, we'll decide how to expand this kind of product. We have some confidence for this product. We may expand this kind of product in the future after getting some feedback." This model will have the best sound quality of the new Walkman line and will target audiophile level consumers. The Mobile Entertainment Player's large 4.3-inch screen certainly looks nice, with a resolution of 800x640 pixels, as well as a special non-reflective LCD technology that improves image quality by removing the air gap between the LCD and the outer screen. It's still too early to pass final judgement on the new Sony Walkman, but all information indicates that it will a strong addition to the growing field of mp3 players. Head over to CNET to read the full preview