Thinking of going for a stroll through let's say, New York's Central Park, but don't have any nature-sounding music? Well, there's an app for that! Dubbed "Central Park (Listen to the Light)" the free app uses GPS to determine the music it plays based on your location. "The tracks fade into and out of one another, and the overall shape of the album is an everchanging affair, based on a given listener's wanderings," says our friend Edward Moyer of CNET. "It's a "choose your own adventure of an album," the duo likes to say, conjuring up memories of those children's books that let young readers pick alternate outcomes and endings." Here's a short film that sheds a little light on the creation of "Central Park (Listen to the Light)": [vodpod id=Video.15812777&w=400&h=310&fv=] Personally, I think it's a pretty cool idea and would seek it out solely for artificial entertainment purposes. How about you? (Via CNET)

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