For our final day of the Hangout Festival Spotlight, we turn your attention to California reggae stars [mp3com-artist]Rebelution[/mp3com-artist], who are sure to set the appropriate mood for this unique beach music festival. [mp3com-download url="rebelution-sky.mp3" artist="Rebelution" song="Sky is the Limit" email="none"/] This year, [mp3com-artist]Rebelution[/mp3com-artist] have skyrocketed to the top of the charts with their album Peace of Mind, which debuted in January at #13 on the Billboard Top 200, and #1 on Reggae and Independent albums. The group formed back in 2004 in Santa Barbara, CA and since then have been promoting their positive message and laid back California sound through continuous touring across the nation. Along the way, [mp3com-artist]Rebelution[/mp3com-artist] has picked up a devoted following and have honed their musical skills, making them a must see act. Check out their track "Sky is the Limit" and see why [mp3com-artist]Rebelution[/mp3com-artist] may be the quintessential Hangout Festival band. Check out our intro post for full coverage of the Hangout Music Festival and more free music . Check out the full Lineup for the Hangout Music Festival here

Artists: Rebelution

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