Just in time for the warm weather, McDonald's is bringing you a series of refreshing Smoothies made with real fruit and yogurt.  To help celebrate the launch of the new drinks, MP3.com has put together some our favorite summer tunes that make us think of enjoying a cool smoothie on a sunny day. Today's flavor is Strawberry Banana, a delicious combination that has a full serving of real fruit in every cup. A classic combination of flavors, Strawberry Banana smoothies are tough to beat. This playlist is a soundtrack for setting off on an adventure during a perfect summer day, with a selection of tunes that go hand in hand with blue skies and the open road. [mp3com-artist]The War on Drugs[/mp3com-artist] make songs that are meant to be played at full volume while driving with the windows down. Their classic American rock sound makes a must for any summer excursion. [mp3com-download url="wardrugs2.mp3" artist="War on Drugs" song="Baby Missiles" email="none"/] [mp3com-artist]Guards[/mp3com-artist] is one of the coolest bands coming out of Brooklyn these days. "Resolution of One" has all of the hallmarks of a great rock song - sweet guitar riffs, a propulsive beat, and a big sing-along chorus. [mp3com-download url="guards2.mp3" artist="Guards" song="Resolution of One" email="none"/] "Joyless" is a sonic energy boost from San Francisco band [mp3com-artist]Airs[/mp3com-artist]. The reverbed-out guitar distortion sets the tone for this fast paced track. [mp3com-download url="airs2.mp3" artist="Airs" song="Joyless" email="none"/] London-based indie outfit [mp3com-artist]Fanfarlo[/mp3com-artist] create elegant chamber-pop. "I'm a Pilot" is filled with sweeping string arrangements, Simon Balthazar's plaintive vocals and a marching beat. [mp3com-download url="fanfarlo2.mp3" artist="Fanfarlo" song="I'm a Pilot" email="none"/] Another U.K. act, [mp3com-artist]WU LYF[/mp3com-artist] burst onto the international scene last year with their unique, bombastic sound and activist lyrics. They are something like a U2 for the new millennium. [mp3com-download url="wulyf2.mp3" artist="WU LYF" song="Dirt" email="none"/] "Think I Wanna Die" may sound like it'd be a sad song, but [mp3com-artist]Someone Still Loves you Boris Yeltsin[/mp3com-artist]'s winsome indie rock melodies makes it feel like like everything is going to be alright. [mp3com-download url="someoneboris2.mp3" artist="Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin" song="Think I Wanna Die" email="none"/] If you didn't know better, you might think that "Alps" by the Russian band [mp3com-artist]Motorama[/mp3com-artist] was some great, lost Joy Division song. Really tuneful post punk. [mp3com-download url="motorama2.mp3" artist="Motorama" song="Alps" email="none"/] Swedish pop master [mp3com-artist]Jens Lekman[/mp3com-artist] has a knack for writing beautiful melodies and hilarious lyrics. His newest single, "Argument With Myself' is no exception. [mp3com-download url="jens2.mp3" artist="Jens Lekman" song="An Argument With Myself" email="none"/] To cap things off [mp3com-artist]Frankie Rose[/mp3com-artist] captures the hazy beauty of a summer evening with her dreamy song "Know Me." [mp3com-download url="frankie2.mp3" artist="Frankie Rose" song="Know Me" email="none"/]

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