Avril Lavigne's fifth studio album, simply titled Avril Lavigne, is set for release this upcoming Tuesday, November 5th. She's already released the infectious single "Here's To Never Growing Up" about (duh) never growing up, the rebellious "Rock N Roll", and theĀ heartfelt ballad "Let Me Go", but now fans can hear the album in its entirety by streaming it off iTunes a week before its release. Back when Avril first started off in music, her image and sound was very pop-rocky with a bit of a punky edge, but as she grew up, she began experimenting with different pop styles. This latest album is the poppiest sound Avril's ever gone for, which was shaped by her now-husband Chad Kroeger, who really got to know the singer/songwriter when he helped produce Avril Lavigne. The two became engaged after only five months of dating, and now the rest is history. Some of the album's highlights are the songs "17" and "Bitchin' Summer", which are all about looking back on the best times of your life. It seems to be the common theme of Avril's latest release, and fans are loving it.

Artists: Avril Lavigne

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