The Best Movie Soundtracks of the ’90s, Ranked

Some of these soundtracks are better than the movies, too.

Millennials love ’90s nostalgia. From our visceral connection to the golden age of Orlando-pop™ to the compulsive need to buy all Mighty Ducks-related merchandise, the ’90s hold a special place in the hearts and minds of those of us who were born between ’81 and ’96.

Before peer-to-peer file sharing (😇), iTunes or Spotify, in order to listen to your favorite jams over and over, you had to purchase an actual CD [audible gasp]. And what was the most efficient way to score a dozen bops by a handful of artists on our tiny Lunchables budgets? Movie soundtracks, of course.

It was honestly challenging to narrow the list of our favorite ’90s movie soundtracks down to 10. And before you ask, we disqualified Titanic on the grounds that there’s only one soundtrack song and the rest is score. Feel free to fight me.

Let us proceed.

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