Fans of pop-rock superstars the Jonas Brothers were shocked to learn that the trio cancelled their North American tour in support of their upcoming album, V. Due to "creative differences" and "a rift between the band", the group came to the decision to call off their forthcoming live dates, which means that their conflict is so serious they cannot share a stage with one another. According to the bros' rep, the future of the Jonas Brothers "remains to be seen", so this supposed rift could even mean the demise of the infamous boy band. They've been making music together since 2005, so with just over eight years in the business, they've definitely been around for a fair share of time, but have continued to stay relevant with new singles, reality TV shows, and their buzzed-about Instagram updates. There is no word on whether or not their TBA album V will be released or not, since a date has not been set. Rumors are flying that the creative differences that are supposedly happening between the band members are over their new music.

Artists: Jonas Brothers

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