The mp3 speaker system PS4501 is unlike anything we've seen before, it looks kind of like a futuristic hand grenade.The PS4501 is billed by its manufacturer  - London based audio company DBest - as "the Terminator of mini speakers." We're not exactly sure what that means but in functional terms it is a highly portable and capable speaker for your mp3 player. Though most people will probably use the PS4501 with an mp3 player or smartphone, the PS4501 also has the ability to to be its own mp3 player with a slot for an SD card. [caption id="attachment_83585" align="alignnone" width="385" caption="The speaker will come in multiple colors and include 2 different-colored speaker covers in the box. (Credit: David Carnoy/CNET)"][/caption] Another cool aspect is the ability to switch out the metallic silver speaker covers for other colors, allowing you to mix and match to customize your speakers' look. The "Terminator" has yet to see an official release but it is rumored to be priced at $79.99. We will have to wait for its release to see how it's received by consumers but at the very least the "Terminator" is an interesting take on what exactly a speaker can be. Head over to CNET to check out a more in depth look of the PS4501. Click HERE to see more articles in Music Tech.

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