As one of the leading musical acts to start the punk rock movement in the 70s, it is sad to report that all original members of the Ramones are no longer with us. The final remaining member, drummer Tommy Ramone, passed away on July 11th from cancer of the bile duct, leaving no founding Ramones behind. The "Blitzkrieg Bop" hit-makers first hit the music scene in 1976, and their minimal sound and I-don't-give-a-care lyrics paved the way for the American punk rock movement. Not to mention those leather jackets! Now, almost 40 years since the Ramones' inception, no member from the standard lineup is living today. Joey Ramone passed away in 2001, we lost Dee Dee Ramone in 2002, and Johnny Ramone's life ended in 2004. Condolences are sent out to Tommy's friends, family, and fans around the world. It's truly an upsetting time in the rock world to have lost all members of the Ramones.

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