These are the 10 Best Movie and TV Soundtracks of 1990

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Comin’ at you in a blaze of glory

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In a way, the soundtrack story of 1990 begins in 1989, when Prince went bat-crazy for Tim Burton’s Batman, and wrote nine songs about the Caped Crusader, Vicki Vale and “The Arms of Orion,” whatever those are. The album went multi-platinum, and — wham! — the “inspired by” soundtrack was a thing. Soon, Madonna was being enlisted to help tell the story of Dick Tracy, while Jon Bon Jovi was being deputized for Young Guns II.

The year also brought more-traditional soundtracks of scores, from John Williams (Home Alone) and Angelo Badalamenti (Twin Peaks) , and of pop tracks, including Pretty Woman‘s.

Here’s our ranking of 1990’s 10 biggest and best TV, movie and inspired-by soundtracks, based on Billboard charts, award-show accolades and Recording Industry Association of America sales stats. Time to fire away.

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