We still don't know what Hilary Duff's upcoming album via RCA Records is titled, but that's not stopping the actress-turned-singer from releasing her new single "All About You." In the song's music video, we see Hilary going through a love-at-first-sight moment with a guy she spots at a coffee shop: and the hunt is on! As Duff's folk-infused pop hit boasts the chorus Think you're all about me, but I'm all about you / Turn the lights down, let me show you it's true, we see the starlet snapping a picture of the man in question who sends it to her group of besties, then, after spotting he's forgotten his record, she follows him across town to return it to him. Kind of like a female knight in shining armour! We can't wait to hear more music from Hilary Duff, and hopefully more details on her upcoming LP become available soon.

Artists: Hilary Duff

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