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Most Common Questions

  • Why is my artist or label already on Can I take over that page?
    You might have found us by searching for your artist or label name on a search engine and finding that already has a listing for collects the album, artist and track name of everything our users listen to at home and automatically creates pages for these artists to contain their statistics. In most cases however, finding a page on for your artist does not mean that we have your music available, for streaming, for download or for sale.We would however love for you to get involved, you can register your label or artist over here.
  • How can I get my music on
    To get your music on you must first register a user account at Once this has been done you are able to set up a label or artist account at This will enable you to add music directly to our streaming radio services and efficiently manage your presence on
  • Why has my artist page got songs on it which aren’t mine?
    At the moment, if two artists of the same name exist on they end up inhabiting the same page, so, if you have a more common band name, your page might end up showing albums by other bands with the same name. Right now we can’t separate the different bands, but recommend that you use the artist page wiki to differentiate between them for users. An example can be seen here.
  • Another label has uploaded my release – what can I do?
    Sometimes when uploading a release you may see the message “An album with this name already exists”. This can be for various reasons.1. Have you already uploaded this album under a different label? Please double check if you (or an associate of yours) have already uploaded this album.2. Have you licensed the album to a different label for certain territories? You cannot share ownership of an album on, so will have to arrange with the other label who will manage it on the site.3. Has your album been supplied by an aggregator? Please note that has license agreements with various content aggregators to get content supplied. If your album has been part of such content delivery you will not be able to upload it yourself. If you want the album removed, we invite you to contact your aggregator.4. Are you sharing an artist name with someone else? Maybe that other band already has an album with the same name. If this is the case please use a different album name.

    If none of the above applies and you feel that you should manage the album, please contact us. Please note that you will have to check all the above first before we can help you.

  • I’ve lost my password, how can I get it back?
    Please head to our lost password form to retrieve your password. You’ll need your username and the email address you registered it with – please search your inbox for the email sent you when you registered your user account. Please note that the password for your label/artist account is your user account password – you need to log in as a user first, then click the Music Manager link in the drop-down menu at the top right hand of the page. If for any reason you have completely forgotten your username or email address, please get in touch.
  • How do I get access to an existing artist page?
    If you already have a label account, you simply need to upload this artist’s music within your Music Manager. Once this is done, you’ll then have access to their page within the Music Manager under Manage > Catalogue.If you want to register an account for the artist, you can do that here by clicking the Artist option and entering your name, then following the simple steps to register.

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