"AVAN LAVA is lush, sparkling (with) textures more euphoric than headknocking." So said a little rag called The Village Voice about [mp3com-artist]AVAN LAVA[/mp3com-artist], a collective of New York-based musicians spearheaded by singer TC and producers Le Chev and Ian Pai. What we say is far simpler and to the point: We love this song! Finally, pop music that's more fun than self-indulgent (though we felt a lot like we'd been dipped in chocolate and rolled in sugar as we danced around our offices to this one.) The Voice also likened them to [mp3com-artist]Sigur Ros[/mp3com-artist], Sea Change-era [mp3com-artist]Beck[/mp3com-artist] and [mp3com-artist]Beach House[/mp3com-artist], put we thnk they're just trying to sound cool and current. What they really sound like is the [mp3com-artist]S.O.S. Band[/mp3com-artist] and [mp3com-artist]Prince[/mp3com-artist] and we're going to put them in our next mixtape right between "(Take Your Time) Do It Right" and "I Wanna Be Your Lover." Now that's cool. Dig our Free MP3 of the Day, "It's Never Over" and look for their five song EP, Flex Fantasy, to drop on February 21st. [mp3com-download url="http://files.radio.com/downloads/time-based/avan-lava-its-never-over-2.mp3" artist="AVAN LAVA" song="It's Never Over" expiration="07/16/2012" email="none" year="2012" label="Avan Lava"/] http://vimeo.com/30748938

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