In the midst of the Great Recession, Nick Drum and Jon McNeill did the unthinkable - they quit their jobs. Feeling tied down in their respective corporate environments, the two friends took a leap of faith and decide to follow their musical dreams. All it took was one jam session for them to realize that they had something special. Thus the [mp3com-artist]Brave Chandeliers[/mp3com-artist], a soulful power-pop antidote to the 9-5 daily grind, were born. [mp3com-download url="bravechandeliers-mad.mp3" artist="Brave Chandeliers" song="Mad Men" email="none"/] [mp3com-artist]Brave Chandeliers[/mp3com-artist] started out as a cover band playing local gigs, but quickly developed their own repertoire of piano driven pop. "Mad Men" is one of their early classics and summarizes their freewheeling attitude as Nick Drum sings, "I can read the headlines / I know all the hard times / I'd rather take a slow night / Where you and me can get out of here / out from under the fear / and follow our lives." [mp3com-artist]Brave Chandeliers[/mp3com-artist]' story is an inspiration to anyone who has dreamed of pursuing their passion and the feel good sounds of their music is just the stuff to put you in the positive mindset to get out there and make it happen.

Artists: Brave Chandeliers

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