In 2001, [mp3com-artist]Daniel Bedingfield[/mp3com-artist] was catapulted to international music fame with his surprise smash hit "Gotta Get Thru This." He followed that with a string of hits that had many critics naming him the next big thing in pop, but in 2004 his career stalled when he ran into troubles with his label. Now free of those issues, Bedingfield is back and ready for the spotlight. [mp3com-download url="danielbedingfield-secret.mp3" artist="Daniel Bedingfield" song="Secret Fear" email="none" label="UHT Productions"/] "Secret Fear" shows [mp3com-artist]Daniel Bedingfield[/mp3com-artist] still at the top of his game. The New Zealand native croons over a rush of guitar rock. An exercize in tension and release the track starts softly with Bedingfield playing the forlorn lounge singer. But when the chorus hits the song takes flight, launching into some heady guitar pop. Despite the exciting new adventure [mp3com-artist]Daniel Bedingfield[/mp3com-artist] is embarking upon this year, his biggest priority has always been raising awareness for his charity Stop The Traffik, the growing global movement of individuals, communities, and organizations fighting to prevent the sale of people and prosecute the traffickers. Daniel plans to associate the charity with his music so that Stop The Traffik can benefit from the attention on him. As such, Stop The Traffik received 15% of the funds he raised via the PledgeMusic fundraiser. Now, as he embarks on the next phase of his career, Bedingfield has taken control of his career and is ready show this world who he really is: sexual, provocative, hyperactive, honest, and most importantly genuine.

Artists: Daniel Bedingfield

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