Southern singer songwriter [mp3com-artist]Dave Barnes[/mp3com-artist] channels the soul, blues and rock of his native Mississippi into his eclectic pop songs. When he first arrived in Nashville to pursue his dream as a musician he initially gravitated towards the folk scene, but over time he got back to his roots, infusing his songs with the depth and groove of the Motown music he grew up with. On "White Flag" he integrates these various influences together, synthesizing a catchy pop sound of his own.  [mp3com-download url="davebarnes-whiteflag.mp3" artist="Dave Barnes" song="White Flag" expiration="4/23/2012" email="none" label="Razor & Tie"/] In addition to writing great songs, [mp3com-artist]Dave Barnes[/mp3com-artist]' career as a musician has been a process of finding himself and well. While in college, he has what he called his "Harry Potter moment." Like the poor, misunderstood boy living under the stairs with his Aunt and Uncle, Barnes also belonged to a magical tribe, but up to that point hadn’t realized it. “I was thinking I was weird, or something was wrong with me. But when I found the magazine Performing Songwriter, I thought, ‘You mean there’s a group of people who relate to this? Who have a hard time talking when there is a melody in their head or will run off and call their voicemail so they can remember how this one lyric goes?'" [mp3com-artist]Dave Barnes[/mp3com-artist]' songs show a meticulous attention to sonic detail. As a student of music with a degree in Recording Industry Management, he makes as much use of the recording studio as he does his acoustic guitar. The work he puts in there pays off with tracks that take his melodies to the next level with production flourishes.

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