It's tough to pinpoint what genre the Dukes of DaVille's fall into. Their sound is endlessly creative, following whatever inspirational impulse the duo feels. "Cancun (Spring Fever)" is a funky soul track, whose sunny upbeat melody makes it a perfect track for a summer day. [mp3com-download url="dukesofdaville-cancun.mp3" artist="Dukes of DaVille" song="Cancun" email="none"/] “We make Southern hip-hop/funk/soul music; it’s kind of hard to pinpoint but we just say we create good music. It’s something that you can listen to with your parents.” So say the Dukes of DaVille when prompted about their upcoming debut album Time Machine. Dukes of DaVille aren't kidding. "Cancun (Spring Fever)" is good music, like the audio equivalent of that first really warm day of spring where everyone is outside in shorts and skirts. There's a tangible energy in that first day of spring where people thrown off the shackles of winter clothing, embracing the warm weather, and the song's jubilant melody and lush production captures that excitement.

Artists: Dukes of Daville

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