There are plenty of pop stars who've dabbled in country and plenty of country stars who think they can sing rock and roll. But few can move between styles as fluently as our new favorite, [mp3com-artist]Greg Hester[/mp3com-artist]. Does the name "Greg Hester" sound familiar to you? It should. We gushed like school girls about his talent a couple of days ago when we featured his song, "Happy Man," in our country section. That's right, in our country section. So what's doing in the R&B neighborhood today? All the right things, thank you, as you can hear from his cut "Down And Out In NYC" (from his album Hustlers, Kilelrs and Thieves). Because Hester's ears didn't discrimate as he was growing up in Augusta, Georgia, they heard both Texas cowboy and Alabama soul and, as a singer, Hester can sing both genres with equal style and emotion. Herein, producer Eric McConnell and a cast of characters that includes [mp3com-artist]Ivan Neville[/mp3com-artist] along with [mp3com-artist]James Brown[/mp3com-artist] alumni [mp3com-artist]Fred Wesley[/mp3com-artist] and Fred Thomas hold up the canvas upon which Hester paints pictures of street corner hustlers, paperbag drinkers and gritty lives where everyone has a nickname to carry and a score to settle. Is Greg Hester a country artist? Yes! Is he an R&B artist? Yes? Is it all genuine. Absolutely! [mp3com-download url="" artist="Greg Hester" song="Down And Out In NYC" expiration="07/12/2012" email="none" year="2009" label="Ropeadope"/]