Recently nominated alongside [mp3com-artist]Arcade Fire[/mp3com-artist] for Polaris Music Prize (Best Canadian Album), as well as the Juno Award for Best New Group of the Year, [mp3com-artist]Hey Rosetta![/mp3com-artist] hails from the rocky and cold northeastern province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. [mp3com-download url="heyrosetta-yerspring.mp3" artist="Hey Rosetta!" song="Yer Spring" email="none" label="ATO Records"/] "Yer Spring" starts out with a quiet kind of power. A jangling, repetitive guitar line imbues a sense of unease and Tim Baker's vocals have a desperate edge to them. Sure enough, the underlying force proves too much to contain and the song explodes into a wild cacophony of sounds. "Yer Spring" is a single off of [mp3com-artist]Hey Rosetta![/mp3com-artist]'s new album Seeds.  Seeds was produced by Tony Doogan (Belle and Sebastian, Mogwai, Wintersleep) and reveals a maturing lyrical depth and an adventurous musical atmosphere rooted to the band’s passion for epic musical experiences. Their songs pull off a nice trick where they manage to sound personal, as if Baker is and old friend singing a song he wrote just for you, and also huge like they are [mp3com-artist]U2[/mp3com-artist] playing in a stadium. To see more of the band's personal, emotive style, check out their beautiful video for "Yer Spring":

Artists: Hey Rosetta!

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