One of the most widely-discussed artists of 2011 among the indie press, the elusive [mp3com-artist]Josh T. Pearson[/mp3com-artist] was finally captured early this year by Mute Records, who released his acclaimed album, Last of the Country Gentlemen. Here the folks at Mute offer us his heart-wrenching interpretation of "O Holy Night." One listen to Pearson's illustration of this vintage Christmas carol gives you an idea why so many people are waxing poetic about this Texas-born singer and founding member of the exalted band [mp3com-artist]Lift To Experience[/mp3com-artist]. There's no listening to this song in the background, as we often do with holiday music (often no more than wallpaper for tree decorating and egg nogging). Pearson insists you listen, as he has done with every song he sung for the past 15 years. [mp3com-download url="" artist="Josh T Pearson" song="O Holy Night" email="optional" year="2011" label="Mute"/]

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