Alaskan born [mp3com-artist]Kate Earl[/mp3com-artist] is taking her soulful, folk pop sound to the whole world now. On November 19th, her album Stronger will be released on Downtown Records. We've got her lead track "One Woman Army" available for you as a free download now to get ready for the full album. The song itself is sparse, yet powerful and strong, as Earl takes on the roll of not just artist, but also that of mother, becoming a "One Woman Army" to protect and fight for her young son. She sings with a passion and drive that can only come from the heart in a situation like this. Our friends over at recently captured a special acoustic session with Kate. You can check out "One Woman Army" below: You can download "One Woman Army" for free here. [mp3com-download url="kateearl-onewomanarmy.mp3" artist="Kate Earl" song="One Woman Army" email="none" year="2012" label="Downtown Records"/] Keep up with Kate on her webpage, Facebook, or Twitter. You can pre-order Stronger now.

Artists: Kate Earl

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