As a professional choreographer, songwriter, and dance and fitness instructor, [mp3com-artist]Keaira LaShae[/mp3com-artist] strives to promote female empowerment, human equality, and nonviolence through every facet of her career. She is, in the words of her own song, a real life superhero, and she is out to spread her message of love, female empowerment, and having a great time. [mp3com-download url="keairalashae-superhero.mp3" artist="Keaira LaShae" song="Superhero" email="none"/] [mp3com-artist]Keaira LaShae[/mp3com-artist] got her start as a musician at an early age when she won a talent competition in her hometown Tampa, FL. A music agent was in the audience and was so impressed that he offered to be her manager.! Things moved quickly for LaShae after she wrote and recorded a slew of sexually charged singles. One of the them, “Nasty,” landed high on the CMJ charts, reaching #1 in over 27 US cities and named #2 most added on the College Radio Charts. The video for another single, “Mad At Me,” was featured heavily on BET, requested more than any other video at that time. But despite her commercial success, Keaira LaShae wasn’t happy. “They [her team at the time] said, sing like this, dance like this, and it will work. And it did,” she says, “But it wasn’t me. I knew I had to get out of this… I [wasn’t] happy.” Keaira LaShae listened to her heart and had a professional renaissance. “I had to step up and say, ‘I’m gonna do me.’ That’s been the best decision of my life.” Now in control of her own music, [mp3com-artist]Keaira LaShae[/mp3com-artist] is making music with personal meaning. As a result of this, she is planning on naming her upcoming EP Keaira LaShae, because, as she says, "All [of my] songs are a part of me in some way shape or form.”

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