From her Broadway debut at age 21 to her last single with the cast of Glee, [mp3com-artist]Kristin Chenoweth[/mp3com-artist] has always been about the singing, no matter where she is. That includes the recording studio, where she's putting the finishing touches on a new collection of country pop songs called Some Lessons Learned. Written in collaboration with songwriting star Diane Warren, Some Lessons Learned was started last summer when Chenoweth began flying to Nashville to record in between nights on stage with the Broadway revival of Promises, Promises. Promising to draw on her roots in Oklahoma gospel, training in opera and experience singing her way to the top of the musical theater marquee, fans can expect to see all sides of Chenoweth -- from the soft and soulful to the super-sassy. Those two words -- "super" and "sassy" -- are what we're using to describe "I Want Somebody (B*tch About)," the first single from the collection. A classic country-girl sing-a-long song, Chenoweth open with a call to "listen up," as she sings all about what she wants (and what she doesn't want). Beware country boys: there's a new country girl anthem in the house. [mp3com-download url="" artist="Kristin Chenoweth" song="I Want Somebody" expiration="08/09/2011" email="optional" year="2011" label="Sony Masterworks"/]

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