Last week, Los Angeles based pop duo [mp3com-artist]Magic Wands[/mp3com-artist] stopped by Webster Hall in New York City to deliver an amazing performance of their signature summery rock. Grab an exclusive free download of a live recording of their song "Space." [mp3com-download url="magicwands-spacelive.mp3" artist="Magic Wands" song="Space ( Live in NYC)" email="none"/] [mp3com-artist]Magic Wands[/mp3com-artist] have been winning hearts and minds with their sexy, psychedelic pop sound. Back in 2010 they burst onto the scene with their Magic, Love and Dreams EP and now they are ready to take things to the next level with their debut full length release Aloha Moon. The tracks on Aloha Moon like "Space" are, of course, a reflection of the musicians themselves, but also are a product of the various  locations where Aloha Moon was made. San Francisco Bay, a cabin in the hills of Echo Park Los Angles, and under the stars of the Palm Desert at night were all scene of recording sessions. The inspiration of these California locations imbue the music with a real sense of mood and character. Be sure to check out their video for "Space": For a full breakdown of their Live Show click HERE!

Artists: Magic Wands

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