Before we knew anything about [mp3com-artist]Middle Class Rut[/mp3com-artist], we pictured them a less-pretty version of the [mp3com-artist]White Stripes[/mp3com-artist] opening for [mp3com-artist]Social Distortion[/mp3com-artist]. Turns out we're smarter than we thought. Like the Stripes, Middle Class Rut is a duo comprised of singer/guitarist Zack Lopez and singer/drummer Sean Stockham, a pair of Sacramento boys who were once on Dreamworks under the name of [mp3com-artist]Leisure[/mp3com-artist]. After three years with Leisure -- and further time off for good behavior -- Lopez and Stockham formed Middle Class Rut. Radio stations from Sacramento to San Diego immediately latched onto MCR's powerful fusion of metal and punk, landing them on a national tour in late '07 with Receiving End Of Sirens and Envy On The Coast. Two thousand eight found them going worldwide when BBC DJ Zane Lowe named "Busy Being Born" his Single Of The Week. Kerrang! echoed Lowe's enthusiasm calling MC Rut a duo combining "the boisterous swagger and pomp of [mp3com-artist]Jane's Addiction[/mp3com-artist] and the feral fury of [mp3com-artist]Rage Against The Machine[/mp3com-artist]." With "Thought I Was," from their latest album No Name No Color, MCR shows colors beyond the shades of Jane and Rage. There's the furious polyrhythmic force of Zeppelin, the powerful simplicity of the White Stripes and the dirty in-your-face Southern California punk of Social Distortion (for whom they opened in 2009). Listen. Listen loud. [mp3com-download url="" artist="Middle Class Ruts" song="Thought I Was" expiration="08/03/2011" email="optional" year="2010" label="Bright Antenna"/]

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