[mp3com-artist]Nite Jewel[/mp3com-artist] is Los Angeles based musician and multimedia artist Ramona Gonzalez. Over the past few years her darkly seductive synth pop has turned a lot of heads, allowing her to transition her musical vision from a lo-fi bedroom project to a full on studio project. Her new album One Second of Love is a gorgeous realization of the potential evidenced on her early releases. [mp3com-download url="nitejewel-onesecond.mp3" artist="Nite Jewel" song="One Second of Love" email="none" label="Secretly Canadian"/] One complaint that people had with[mp3com-artist] Nite Jewel[/mp3com-artist]'s early work was that the low production values obscured the fine melodies that Gonzalez concocted (though on the other hand, the murky sonic atmosphere created a strong sense of mood for the songs). On One Second of Love, her sophomore LP, production values are no longer an issue and the studio time has paid off. Songs like "One Second of Love," the album's title track, are [mp3com-artist]Nite Jewel[/mp3com-artist] as she was meant to be heard. Ominous and lush, the tracks are equal parts arty R&B and nu-disco and suck you down into the murky depths of Gonzalez's world. For more on [mp3com-artist]Nite Jewel[/mp3com-artist], check out these photos from her recent Last.fm Presents showcase at New York's Bowery Ballroom. Check out the bizarre and fascinating video for "One Second of Love": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3YMmX1f5sQI

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