Called a rising star of black-consciousness music, [mp3com-artist]Nneka[/mp3com-artist] is an award-winning singer whose third album, Soul Is Heavy, releases onn February 28. To prepare us for the heavy truth, the Nigeria-born Nneka offers us a preview single called "My Home." As the song begins, we hear the sparkling trills of a grand piano, leading us to believe we're in for a ballad. Then electronics swirl about and an offbeat guitar asks for our attention, suggesting we're in for some reggae. Then, the horns kick in we're off on an R&B stomp until... ...until we're back to a reggae groove again. In the hands of a lesser talent, "My Home" might be a chaotic mess of styles trying to find a meaning. But under the powerful spell of Nneka, it all works beautifully well. Comparisons to [mp3com-artist]Lauryn Hill[/mp3com-artist] and [mp3com-artist]Erykah Badu[/mp3com-artist] are natural but there's a world-embracing vibe to what Nneka does that sounds uniquely hers. More soul for the 21st century will be heard on Nneka's upcoming Soul Is Heavy, produced by DJ Farhot and mixed by Adele/Cee Lo/Wyclef collaborators Tom Elmhirst and Phillippe Weiss and geaturing guest appearances from Black Thought and [mp3com-artist]Ms. Dyamite[/mp3com-artist]. [mp3com-download url="" artist="Nneka" song="My Home" email="optional" year="2011" label="Yo Mama/Decon"/] Watch the video for "My Home":

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