Norwegian Grammy-winning rock group [mp3com-artist]Orbo and the Long Shots[/mp3com-artist] are set to make their U.S. debut with their album Prairie Sun. The may be Scandinavian, but their sound is all American. [mp3com-download url="orbo-highway.mp3" artist="Orbo and the Longshots" song="Highway of Tears" email="none" label="Rainmaker Music"/] Recorded the famed Prairie Sun Recording Studios in California, the songs harness the West Coast's  sunny vibes. Tracks like "Highway Tears" are textbook examples of the classic, windows-down-on-the-open-road variety of rock. The quintet takes its names from the initials of the group's charismatic founder, guitarist and frontman, Ole Reinert Berg-Olsen, and he is joined by Longshots Ine Tumyr (vocals, percussion), Reidar Opdal (piano, vocals) Paul Inge Vikingstad (bass) and Stian Tumyr (drums). Says ORBO about his music, "We play rock 'n' roll with a rootsy American twist-some gospel, some country, blues and more-and this time out, we found a way to blend the way we sound live and the way we sound in the studio on one album." For more of [mp3com-artist]Orbo and the Longshots[/mp3com-artist], be sure to check out their brand new video for "Highway Tears":

Artists: Orbo and the Longshots

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