French dandy rockers [mp3com-artist]Phoenix [/mp3com-artist] exploded last year with their smash hit album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. Early on in the US tour they stopped by the Discover Studio record an amazing stripped down set of their hits from the new album. Today, we bring you an exclusive live recording of "Lisztomania" from that session. On Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix the band created a rich, full sound for their songs. Outside the recording studio, they didn't have access to all the equipment necessary to completely recreate their songs, so it was interesting how they chose to play them for their Last/fm Discover Session. Thankfully, the guys did not disappoint. [worldnow id=5393098 width=405 height=304 type=video] Armed with just an acoustic guitar, bass, keyboard and singer Thomas Mar's voice, [mp3com-artist]Phoenix [/mp3com-artist]performed simplified versions of their songs that were equally as powerful as their studio counterparts. If anything, stripping out the extra effects only  emphasized how great these songs are. If you ever needed proof of [mp3com-artist]Phoenix[/mp3com-artist]'s music talent, or are just looking for a good reason to revisit Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, check out this exclusive download of "Lisztomania." [mp3com-download url="" artist="Phoenix" song="Litsztomania ( Discover)" expiration="11/09/2011" email="none" year="2010" label="Glassnote"/] If you enjoyed that, be sure to head over to Discover to check out the rest of the session!

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