A healthy North Carolina twang runs through the music of [mp3com-artist]Possum Jenkins[/mp3com-artist], a quintet whose members hail from Winston-Salem and Boone, and who play a gritty version of barroom honky-tonk (or, you might say, a countrified version of hillbilly rock 'n roll). However you categorize it, the music is heady, thick, tasty, and will keep you howling long into the night. The version of "Beside the Pines" that we're showcasing here is live. Check out more of the band's music on the [mp3com-artist]Possum Jenkins[/mp3com-artist] artist page, and look for On Collection Of Bad Habits, the group's third independent studio release. [mp3com-download url="http://files.radio.com/downloads/time-based/possumjenkinsbesidethepines.mp3" artist="Possum Jenkins" song="Beside the Pines" email="none"/] Read more about Possum Jenkins on the band's website.

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