Note the "s" at the end of [mp3com-artist]Scott Matthews[/mp3com-artist]' "Silent Nights": it's the first hint today's Free MP3 of the Day is not your Grandma's Christmas carol. If we didn't know from the label, we'd think this plaintive folk song by Aussie-born New Yorker Scott Matthews is actually a recent cut from [mp3com-artist]David Bowie[/mp3com-artist]. And is that Kate Bush providing the woodsy vocal accompaniment on this cut? No, that's fellow Aussie [mp3com-artist]Sia[/mp3com-artist] stepping-in to add the her voice to the festivities. "Extremely beautiful," "mesmerizing" and "haunting" are words that have been use to describe the music of this Riot Bear recording artist. We can't say we disagree given evidence contained in this lovely song of the season. [mp3com-download url="" artist="Scott Matthew" song="Silent Nights" expiration="01/20/2012" email="optional" year="2011" label="Riot Bear Recording Co. "/]

Artists: Sia

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