Preferring innovation over imitation, [mp3com-artist]SIMS[/mp3com-artist], of the Minneapolis based rap crew Doomtree, writes songs that deliberately challenge people's assumptions about themselves and their place in the world. Growing up, [mp3com-artist]SIMS[/mp3com-artist] was an angry kid who got into fights every day. As the son of two musicians, however, he learned to channel his emotion into music.  He found his true passion in the hip hop music of the 90's, from mainstream hits to underground acts like the [mp3com-artist]Wu-Tang Clan[/mp3com-artist].  Though his parents disapproved, he began writing his own raps and eventually hooked up with the now legendary Minneapolis producer [mp3com-artist]P.O.S.[/mp3com-artist], who sold him beats for $30 and let him record at his house. Today, [mp3com-artist]SIMS[/mp3com-artist] is signed to the Doomtree label, which is home to some of the most forward thinking lyricists around today. On his new album, Bad Times Zoo, [mp3com-artist]SIMS[/mp3com-artist] posits himself as a spokesperson for a generation plagued by the issues of modern society: empty consumerism, political cynicism, and the paradoxical power of technology to both connect us and drive us apart. His message, however, is not one of negativity.  What he seeks is empowerment and hope - a path out of the disappointment that plagues modern life. On his single, "Lighthouse," [mp3com-artist]SIMS[/mp3com-artist] reminisces on the memory of a lover who left without saying anything. Musing on the fleeting connection of a relationship with another person, he finds solace in the night they shared, alone together "like a lighthouse in the dark." [mp3com-download url="" artist="SIMS" song="Lighthouse" email="optional" year="2011" label="Doomtree"/] [caption id="attachment_71640" align="aligncenter" width="385" caption="SIMS (photo by Dan Monick"]SIMS (photo by Dan Monick)[/caption]

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