Projector is the new album from 1970's and 80's psychedelic rock band [mp3com-artist]Translator[/mp3com-artist] frontman [mp3com-artist]Steve Barton[/mp3com-artist]. As the first album composed and executed all on his own, Projector is a first for Barton. Single "Please" sees him flexing his creativity with a wholly original sounding, but eminently catchy rock tune. [mp3com-download url="stevebarton-please.m4a" artist="Steve Barton" song="Please" expiration="7/10/2012" email="none" label="Sleepless Records"/] Prior to this solo album, Barton has released four post-Translator solo album with the help of his backing band: The Boy Who Rode His Bike Around The World, Charm Offensive, Flicker Of Time and Gallery. The band for these albums consists of Steve on guitar and vocals, Robbie Rist on drums (Robbie is well-known for having played Cousin Oliver on The Brady Bunch – plus a long list of indie music and film work), and bassist Derrick Anderson (he is also the current bass player for The Bangles). They have been together for several years and provide the perfect band for Steve’s post-Translator songs.

Artists: Steve Barton

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