[mp3com-artist]The Airborne Toxic Event[/mp3com-artist], named after a section in Don DeLillo's famous novel White Noise, mixes stylish alt-rock with the literary inclinations for frontman Mikel Jollett.  Today, we bring you an exciting live performance of their song "All I Ever Wanted," recorded in the Last.fm Discover Studio. Jollett formed his band in 2006, a tumultuous time in his life.  As a novelist himself, he gave the band (then only he and and drummer Daren Taylor) a distinct literary edge with his poetic lyrics.  After the band gained a lot of local recognition, they decided to add three more members on guitars, bass and violin to fill out a full band. On their debut full length album, [mp3com-artist]The Airborne Toxic Event[/mp3com-artist] make quite a statement. Projecting a stylish romanticism, their songs evoke an exciting night out in the city. Following in the footsteps of like minded rockers [mp3com-artist]The Killers[/mp3com-artist] and [mp3com-artist]The Strokes[/mp3com-artist], [mp3com-artist]The Airborne Toxic Event[/mp3com-artist] capture the glamour of youthful revelry, albeit from a slightly more cerebral perspective. Check out this live performance of their new single "All I Ever Wanted" off of their new album All At Once, recorded in the Last.fm Discover Studio: [mp3com-download url="http://files.radio.com/downloads/time-based/airborne.mp3 " artist="Airborne Toxic Event" song="All I Ever Wanted (Live)" expiration="09/30/2011" email="required" year="2011" label="Island"/] Check out a video of their performance too! [worldnow id=5891880 width=405 height=304 type=video] Head over to Last.fm Discover to see the rest of their session and an interview with the band!

Artists: The Airborne Toxic Event

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