Los Angeles based soul group [mp3com-artist]The Endangered[/mp3com-artist] chose their name because they believe their classic style of music is under the threat of extinction. It is their mission to ensure that that does not happen. [mp3com-download url="theendangered-calling.mp3" artist="The Endangered" song="Calling On You" email="none" label="Music 180"/] Fronted by talented vocalist Maiya Sykes, [mp3com-artist]The Endangered[/mp3com-artist] can be difficult to nail down genre wise. Because of their virtouistic music talents they slip back and forth between musical styles with ease. A listening session with [mp3com-artist]The Endangered[/mp3com-artist] - whether it's on their debut self-titled EP or at one of their renown live shows - is always and eclectic experience. Speaking of her band and their style, Sykes said, "As musicians, we enjoy a wide variety of musical genres and we wanted the freedom to create music that celebrated what drew us to music in the first place. We hope to make music that is popular and thought-provoking.” "Calling On You" is the lead single from The Endangered EP. The song is an emotional ballad about overcoming heartbreak, and is a great introduction to the band's singular style. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hz6asElFcXI

Artists: The Endangered

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