With a track called “The United Corporations of America” by [mp3com-artist]The Ex-Senators[/mp3com-artist], you know you’re going to be getting a heavy helping of social commentary. The track even features a sound bite from Mitt Romney calling corporations people, and is full of cutting lyrics and scathing rebuttal for the current state of America, like:

“Has the American dream really lost its sheen, so we can pay for the leer jets and limousines? You’re being bought and sold.” 

But just because the song is politically active, doesn’t mean it can’t rock hard. Driven by heavy guitar riffs and pounding drums, the Ex-Senators show they’re not here to screw around: they mean business. The Ex-Senators self-titled album is available now (get it here), and you can download “The United Corporations of America” below for free. [mp3com-download url="ex-senators-unitedcorporationsofamerica.mp3" artist="The Ex-Senators" song="United Corporations of America" email="none" year="2012" label="Heatshield Records"/]

Artists: The Ex-Senators

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