Brooklyn folk rock revivalists [mp3com-artist]The Hollows[/mp3com-artist] are a freewheeling collective of multi-instrumentalists. Their rootsy sound is a melange of mandolins, banjos, guitars, accordions, horns, harmonicas, and just about anything else the guys can get their hands on. "Carried Away" is a sweeping, anthemic track off of their upcoming EP that shows The Hollows at their best. [mp3com-download url="thehollows-carriedaway.mp3" artist="The Hollows" song="Carried Away" email="none" label="Lonesome Ghost Music"/] [mp3com-artist]The Hollows[/mp3com-artist] operate with an egalitarian ethos - there is no frontman amongst the group's six members. Each of them rotate on instruments, lead vocals, songwriting and arranging duties, which gives their songs a feel that is eclectic but consistent. It's clear that the members all have their own ideas, but also understand the group's common goal.

Artists: The Hollows

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