[mp3com-artist]The Skies Revolt[/mp3com-artist] have a new 7" coming out, and we've got your first chance to grab a download off of it, "Germain Throws It Up," for free, right here. "Germaine Throws It Up" is a synth heavy rocker that could easily fall under the category of contemporary indie kraut rock. The track features an apologetically robotic sci-fi sound, brought down to earth with heavy, terrestrial guitar riffs on the hooks. The track will be featured as the digital download to go with the vinyl release. The record is being released in conjunction with [mp3com-artist]Motion City Soundtrack[/mp3com-artist] and Drexel University's MAD Dragon Records, as part of the Making Moves Series. That's right, Drexel has a record label, and they print on vinyl. Who needs the NCAA tournament when you have that? You can download "Germaine Throws It Up" for free below: [mp3com-download url="theskiesrevolt-germainthrowsitup.mp3" artist="The Skies Revolt" song="Germaine Throws It Up" email="none" year="2012" label="MAD Dragon Records"/] You can find out more about the Making Moves Series here and keep up with The Skies Revolt here.

Artists: The Skies Revolt

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