[mp3com-artist]Tim Gunter[/mp3com-artist] is a producer from North Carolina who splits his days and nights between studies in the classrooms of NC State (go 'Pack) and studies at the alter of Pro-Tools, laying down beats and slicing up samples. Proving his creative juices flow beyond campus boundaries, Gunter works closely with rapper Eddy B., "pound for pound the rapper around" the campus of UNC Greenboro (go 'Heels). We like E.B.'s positive raps about his mama's boy making it for himself in this world: "She used to say I came from the clouds, 'Cuz even in my sleep I was speakin' out loud." And, based on what we're hearing, he's making it right -- hitting great rhymes that sit on a throne of solid bass-heavy beats. Most of all we like Gunter's choice of instrumentation: layers and layers of wavering synths sounding like regal trumpets and throbbing strings, driving home his man Eddy B.'s message. A solid track from -- dare we [mp3com-download url="http://freedownloads.last.fm/download/458375199/Fall%2BFrom%2BA%2BCloud.mp3" artist="Tim Gunter" song="Fall From A Cloud" expiration="01/31/2012" email="none"/]say it, Tim? -- the Tar Heel State.