Portland, Oregon based country rockers [mp3com-artist]Truckstop Darlin[/mp3com-artist] make music that is raw and powerful. Their energetic, beer soaked live shows have won them a passionate legion of  fans across the U.S. [mp3com-download url="truckstopdarlin-isee.mp3" artist="Truckstop Darlin" song="I See You" email="none"/] [mp3com-artist]Truckstop Darlin[/mp3com-artist] play honest, driving rock n’ roll and have been compared to [mp3com-artist]The Drive-By Truckers[/mp3com-artist] and early [mp3com-artist]Uncle Tupelo[/mp3com-artist]. A four-piece combo with electric guitar, bass, drums and pedal steel, [mp3com-artist]Truckstop Darlin[/mp3com-artist] manage to combine the volume and eneregy of rock with the honest emotion of country ( not to mention some slick pedal steel guitar). For a taste of their energetic live performance, check out this video of [mp3com-artist]Truckstop Darlin[/mp3com-artist] performing at the Portalnd Pickathon. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHrcXo1KkWE

Artists: Truckstop Darlin

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