Bluegrass fans will need no introduction to [mp3com-artist]Yonder Mountain String Band[/mp3com-artist], who over the past decade have established themselves as one of the preeminent modern day voices in the genre. Over the years, Yonder Mountain have earned themselves a devoted fanbase with their relentless touring and uplifting, virtuoso music. [mp3com-download url="yonder-out.m4a" artist="Yonder Mountain String Band" song="Out of the Blue" email="none" label="Frog Pad Records"/] "Out of the Blue" is a track off of their newest album, 2009's The Show. Produced by Tom Rothrock, whose other clients include [mp3com-artist]The Foo Fighters[/mp3com-artist] and[mp3com-artist]Beck[/mp3com-artist], The Show sees Yonder Mountain adding a little bit of rock n' roll to their rootsy sound. Bassist Ben Kaufmann's solid groove keeps "Out of the Blue" on lock and Jeff Austin's vocals add a worn character feel to the track. When the picking starts, though, as with most bluegrass, is when the song truly shines. As Dave Johnson's banjo picks up speed, Jeff Austin's mandolin weaves in and out of the melody. The extended instrumental passages give listeners an idea of the wonderfully spontaneous energy that [mp3com-artist]Yonder Mountain String Band[/mp3com-artist]'s improv-based live shows are known for.

Artists: Yonder Mountain String Band

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